Project GT Junior

First step in accomplishing the transplant is creating a solid point of reference for locating the donor part on the recipient. To this end I weld up a matrix that fixes to common anchor points found on both cars-- left and right upper a-arm mounts as well as a point on the firewall. Four existing screw holes are used as locating references on the to-be donor section.
Next, cutting lines are carefully laid out and after much consideration. Paper templates are created using common reference points for registration. The templates are applied with Spray Mount and used to mark where to cut on both project and donor. Metal is then cut roughly 1/4" outside the eventual contour.

(Meanwhile, strange ladder-like thing visible on far fender is a cardboard model, used to copy the other fender's contours from parts car to project. As it turned out, this would prove unnecessary.)

Masonite cutting guides are derived from the same templates, and used to shave rough edges down to exact contours. Corresponding guides are made for donor part.

Fit is complicated by the fact that most of the section involves double walls. Taking it slow and measuring twice are the orders of the day.

First trial fit is quite promising. A little off here, a little there...
Edges are trimmed. Preparing to weld 16 gauge strips behind seams, which will serve to back butt welds and reinforce. By now engine compartment has had the once-over with the media blaster.
Fit is perfect. Weld up will wait until the other major pieces of the puzzle are ready for final alignment.

Part 2: Replacing the driver's side floor ...

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