Project GT Junior part 2
Part 2: Hittin' the Floor

I didn't get a good before photo of the driver's floor with it laid bare before I started demolishing it. However. like the passenger floor in the foreground, it probably looked better than it was. The usual corrosion problems in the footwell areas were present , masked by strata of half-hearted repairs made through the years.

Picking away at the rear floor area. After the initial large cuts are made, edges are trimmed back to sound metal. Central protrusion from crossmember is front of trailing arm support; it is welded to the bottom of rear floor.
In front, the longitudinal member under the floor is in good shape and the edges of the floor are trimmed to it. Rear of inner fender/ firewall did not fare so well. Side of floor near jack point is nasty, though jack point itself is sound.
Opening up the center crossmember reveals that is too is in good shape and will clean up nicely.
detail of photo above highlighting the pedal box/master cylinder support and rear transmission support. Both are partially attached to floor and must be carefully cleaned up.
After initial trimming, area is blasted again. Inner rockers exhibit moderate to severe corrosion in the form of deep pitting; it seems wise to reinforce the sill before proceeding.

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