Project GT Junior
March 1997. The GT Junior arrives. According to Alfa Romeo archives, t'was built 30 years prior, in March 1967. The same records indicate it was delivered shortly thereafter to a concessionaire in Frankfurt, W. Germany.

In the interim it has acquired a three bar GT Veloce grille... among other things.

Somewhat remarkably, the early series-style three spoke wheel has survived. The dash has suffered many indignities, though, including moving the heater controls to hacked hole above the radio -- this done in order to accommodate a cheap aftermarket A/C installation. Dash has also been painted brown and the glove box compartment molested to make room for A/C plumbing.
Not bad looking-- from 20 feet away. Even mismatched wheels, crooked bumpers and iffy paint can't ruin those incredible Bertone/Giugiaro lines.
Engine compartment appears fairly original, with the exception of the high-mounted alternator to make room for the hated K-Mart A/C unit. However, lump is 101-series 1600, rather than the original 105-series 1300. Good news is the motor is strong and willing.
Another interior view. Original metric gauges remain except the speedometer, and are in decent shape. White dash top is not original, nor the hideous shag carpet and off white upholstery material. In another tantrum of bad taste, PO has seen fit to paint padding under dash and on B-pillars brown. Radio is gen-u-ine KRACO(tm)!
Only a few hints of rust are visible on exterior. Worst evidence of corrosion are these bubbles on the left rear wheel arch. Undercarriage and floors appear sound. There is bubbling on rockers but it appears minor. (famous last words...)

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