Project GT Junior

Mutilation to inner fender is clearer with various components removed. Yuck.
Saviours sometimes come in odd forms. We pulled this unpromising roach, a '68 Junior, from the ruins of a shed in Iowa. When we got to it, it was sunk to the axles in muck and buried in the collapsed debris of the building that once held it. Even after we brought it home, plants were growing in the windshield-wiper well.

"Mighty thin soup' is how the seller himself described this prize.

Incredibly, while the rest of the hulk was riddled with rust, the right inner fender was straight and sound.
Meanwhile, a pass with the grinder over the bubbles on the rear wheel arch reveals bad news.
A small bubble ahead of rear wheel resolves to this when hit with the grinder. Great! Oh well, how bad can that really be?
Stripping continues. Windshield and rear window were removed with the "Two guys in socks" method: two people in stocking feet lay on car floor with feet pressing firmly but gently against windshield, while a third helper works outside on the gasket and acts as a catcher. It worked amazingly well.

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