Project GT Junior

Motor on the engine stand. Discount store stand adapted to the task with C-section steel 'wings' to clear flywheel on top. In front, a wooden prop cradling the crank pulley takes some of the load.
Ick. Snotty substance on firewall, which appears to be dripping from heater hose actually originated from rear crankcase breather. Classic Alfa head gasket-itis, so it turns out I'd be doing this job anyway.
Close up of exploratory surgery on upper right fender reveals previous craftsperson was not shy about slathering the goop on with a trowel. In fact the bondo is so thick in places that it had not yet fully cured(! ) even though the paint is obviously several years old at least. Underneath bondo gnarly welding and a patch to the upper fender appear. Presumably car was hit high, as the lower front crossmember is straight.
Strange line in trough formed by the juncture of inner and outer fender panels hints that all is not well under that thick blanket of filler...
Ah, the horror. I know it's not supposed to look like this. Radiator brackets are crudely welded at grotesque angles; Is that a 105 battery tray glommed into the fender well?
Left side is little better. Original contours of inner fender hammered beyond recognition by previous craftsperson, presumably to make room for his treasured Delco A/C compressor. Dual horn mount made from original parts is bizarre mutation.

How am I going to fix this mess?

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