Project GT Junior

Next major item to remove is the front suspension and steering gear. Preferred method is to drop the spring pans gradually by replacing the pan bolts one-by-one with approx 12" lengths of 5/16" all-thread. Then you simply gradually back off the nuts on the all-thread. Tedious, but effective -- and seems relatively safe.

Front of car rests on jackstands-- which in turn sit on a truck built of heavy lumber and 3" cast iron casters. Heavy tie down straps ensure everything stays put as I wheel it about the shop (and beyond).

Major parts of the steering gear come out. I mark all left-hand components with a dab of red paint to help keep things straight later.

Making drawings and careful labeling is critical if you hope to ever get the pile of parts back together again...

Grubby front suspension half finds a new home on a shelf for the time being. Tape is a reminder to photograph before disassembling.
Spring 1998. I want to media blast the car, and do it myself. I don't want to have the resultant mess in my shop, however. Biggest problem: driveway to shop is a steep, gravel incline. How am I going to wheel the car in and out, especially with it riding on 3" casters?
Solution: build a tracked trestle. Unforeseen, but welcome consequence is that access to the underside of car is excellent.
By this time the rear axle and suspension have been removed. Junior is completely stripped save the headliner.

Front and rear trucks have slight tendency to move independently; eventually it dawns on me to tie them together with cross pieces. After that modification, moving the car in and out becomes a one-man job.

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