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Quad Free Directory Listings
AlfaCentro offers free, no-frills directory listings to companies offering parts and services for Alfas, Alfa or Italian Automobilia, as well as dealers carrying new or used Alfa Romeo automobiles. These free listings consist of the name of your business, your geographical location, and a link to your company website or email address. Your listing may appear in any or all directories as appropriate. To apply for your free listing,
click here.

Quad Premium Directory Listings
For businesses wishing to step out from the crowd, we offer premium directory listings. These ads feature larger type, attention-grabbing layout, room for your phone and fax number, and a custom message up to 120 characters and three lines in length. These listings are only $35 per year, per directory. To sign up,
click here.

QuadVendor Display Ads
Display ads in our vendor directory offer an effective way to target Alfisti already looking for your products or services. Choose from two display ad sizes:

  • Full Size at $325.00 per year
  • Half Size at $195.00 per year

Ad positions rotate each time the page is viewed, ensuring equal exposure for every advertiser. We will design your ad to your specification or use your existing artwork. Contact us to get the ball rolling on your campaign.

free directory listing:
Your Business - Anytown, CA

premium directory listing ($35/yr):
Your Business - Anytown, CA
Your message calling viewers to action
up to three lines and 120 characters long
stand out from the crowd!
phone (111) 222.3333 • fax (111) 222-4444


full size display ad ($325/yr):

Full Size Banner Ads
 half-size display ad ($195/yr):
Half Size Banner

Banner Ads ($145-$595/yr; rates vary with placement):
brought to
you by:

QuadBanner Ads
Sponsor a page on our site and attain high visibility for your product or service. Join the rotating queue on our homepage, or be the exclusive sponsor of one of our many popular lower-level pages. We will be happy to work with you to develop an effective design and message for your banner ad.
Rotating Banner Ad with Random Placement - AlfaCentro Homepage $295/year
Exclusive Banner Ad - Top Level Pages $395/year
Exclusive Banner Ad - Secondary Level Pages $145/year
Combo Package #1 - Rotating Homepage & Exclusive Top Level $595/year
Combo Package #2 - Rotating Homepage & Exclusive Secondary Level $395/year

QuadPayment Options
Upon providing advertising services, FORZA Modern Media will bill you via a standard 30-day net term invoice.

PayPalIf you would prefer, we would also be happy to invoice you via PayPal, allowing you to pay directly from your accounts or with any major credit card.

Purchase multiple packages and qualify for generous discounts from 10 to 20 percent! If you buy multiple ad packages totaling $350 or more, we'll give you 10% off. Above $700 we'll give 15% off, and over $1000, 20% off. In addition, all purchases over $350 qualify for free premium directory listings in all applicable directories.

purchase total discount
$350 -$699 10%
$700-$999 15%
$1000 - up 20%

QuadBillboard Pages
Billboard pages allow you to establish a presence on the web easily and quickly. We will work with you to develop the artwork and content of your site to effectively appeal to Alfisti and highlight the strengths of your business. Our basic Billboard package includes a 1 page website with an AlfaCentro address (, plus a Half Size banner ad and text link from our vendor pages for $495.00 per year.

Contact Us
When you are ready to begin developing your ad plan (or if you have any questions)
email us at

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