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The Alfa Centro archives are back online!

Alfa Centro has changed hands and is now back online! We felt that there was too much useful information here for the alfa enthusiast to just let it disappear. All the old archives are now accessible once again and we will slowly be updating each page. Thanks and we hope you all enjoy the site!

Technical Correspondence

AlfaCentro is pleased to annouce our new Technical Correspondence Section, where readers can ask tech questions to be submitted to our Technical Editor, Rex Chalmers.
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Mystery Car

Mystery Photo

See the results of last month's contest and view this month's car in detail.

Last month's Mystery Car was a ringer, but the contest was won by Jon Ranney, who was the only reader to come up with a correct answer.

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Duetto Naming Contest
Details of Alfa's famous 1966 Contest

Interactive Valve Shim Calculator

GT Jr. scrapbook
Bo Monroe's ongoing project chronicled in pictures

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Monterey Weekend 2000
2000 Due Mila: AROC Nat'l Convention

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Paint Booth Interactive Painting Game
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