An Afternoon With Reeves Callaway
Callaway’s twin turbocharged GTV6 arrived when Alfa’s fortunes in the US were fading. The American ports had been filled with unsold Alfetta coupes, and the GTV6 was seen by the importer as the continuation of a problem-ridden design. Callaway brought to the languishing model what the factory could not: bags of power and a whole lot of charisma. The few Twin-Turbos they built were extremely desirable when new, and can only appreciate in the future. If there is a modern counterpart to the fabled Alfa 6C1750 Gran Sport, the Callaway GTV6 is it.
Little has been written about the Callaway GTV6 since the early 1990s, when articles on the project appeared in Alfa Owner and AutoWeek. AlfaCentro correspondent and Callaway GTV6 owner H. Martin de'Campo recently sat down with the man behind the Callaway Project, Callaway Cars founder and CEO Reeves Callaway, with the intention of setting the record straight on the history of these fabled cars. Thus it was that, at a sidewalk restaurant in Laguna Beach’s Seaside Village, Martin obtained Reeve’s own definitive story of how the Callaway GTV6 came to life.

Read the Interview with Reeves Callaway
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