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the story of a Callaway Reborn
For Alfisti Martin de 'Campo, the restoration of this Callaway Twin Turbo GTV-6 is the fulfillment of many years of automotive dreams. "I never wanted a Ferrari," Martin said, "this was always my dream car." Martin cites the ultra-rarity of this car (1 of only 34 produced) and the practicality afforded by useable back seats as the reason his lust was focused on the Callaway over more "exotic" machinery.

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That dream, however, was not an easy one to achieve. Martin conducted an extensive search and finally located this car, the original Callaway development prototype for the Twin Turbo GTV-6 program, in Colorado. This history, and the car's unique silver hue (all production Callaways were either red or black, according to Stan Fisher's 1993 AutoWeek article) sold Martin on the car. Although it had not racked up many miles, it had been through a sucession of owners and many parts were showing their age and clearly in need of refurbishment.

After driving the car for 3 months, disaster struck when Martin blew a turbo. Instead of merely replacing the broken turbo, he chose to upgrade every aspect of this car using the latest technology available - with the goal of creating a modern interpretation of this once dominant car.

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Martin entrusted the restoration of the car to a now-defunct Redondo Beach, California speed shop specializing in Alfa V6 pieces. After several long months without progress on the restoration, Martin learned that both his money and his car had vanished without a trace. Many months of anguish later, and through the help of a lawyer, private investigator, and the local authorities, he eventually regained possession of his car and most of the original Callaway parts.

With that bitter saga fresh in his mind, Martin found refuge in Greg Armstrong of Historic Race Engineering, in Costa Mesa, California. Armstrong, best known for his outrageous twin turbo Lamborghini Diablo Conversions, was able to pump new life into the project, using his valuable turbo charging experience to create a very potent 325 hp motor which should offer outstanding performance in the rejuvenated car. This powerplant features a programmable Electromotive ECU, a very trick "Air Conditioned" intercooler, custom ground camshafts, big valves, ceramic coated pistons, and a host of other upgrades. The chassis has also been updated, with aggressive rolling stock, custom brake components, and a Milano Platinum limited slip transaxle with fully lightened gears. Cosmetically, this car has benefitted from a painstaking paint job and the addition of a Zender body kit to compliment the car's orginal lines. This heady combination has produced, according to Armstrong, what is possibly the "most beautiful and powerful V6 transaxle car in the world."

The car, in the final stages of its mechanical restoration and performance testing, will hopefully make its public debut at this year's Concorso Italiano. To follow the restoration, click here for an step-by-step gallery of photos with detailed captions.

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