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Supercharged SZ Zagato
Autodelta Supercharged SZ Zagato

Technical Specifications
3.0 Liter Supercharged
270 bhp
0-62 mph:
5.8 seconds
July 2002
£ 3,495.00


Autodelta, a London-based Alfa tuner, has announced a supercharger kit for the SZ Zagato that will provide this exclusive Alfa with over 270 bhp.

According to the company, this should propel the Alfa to 62 mph in 5.8 seconds and endow it with massive mid-range torque. The kit, which is scheduled to become available in July 2002, cost £ 3,495 including installation which is to be carried out at Autodelta's West London workshop. Installation of this kit, which includes an intercooler and auxilliary oil cooler, is expected to take 2 days.

Autodelta's previous experience with the SZ Zagato includes it's 3.5 liter engine conversion package, of which it has produced 9, and the creation of a RHD example for export to South Africa.

Other models slated to recieve a boost from Autodelta through supercharging include the 156 2.5L V6, 166, and even Alfa's 3.2 L 156 GTA model, which Autodelta hopes will make 350 bhp.

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